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November 20, 2008

an (arab) alphabetical ring...

Khaleejia said:
i would better choose a ring with something like-ما شاء الله and wear it on the right hand every time i go out my home !


  1. they are nice rings. but you have to be careful with words like "mashaAllah" when you go out because you have to take it off when you enter places like bathrooms because it has Allah's name on it

  2. soo beautiful do u know were can i have that kind of ring I just want one it's soo lovely

  3. sure Ange!!!and not only the ring,!anything else that has a name of Allah! and let me remind also that be careful when you throw away something that u KNOW has written a name of Allah,like a word-God/english-other language or one of the prophet name/Jesus,Mohammad and other(peace to Them All) or anything that is blessed like word-Angel(with its original meaning) please split it by a letter to let the word lose its meaning or burn it or throw it in the sea. we must Be careful with our Religion!
    so abt my choice-u know we put on the back of our cars- ما شاء الله so if somebody gets a little of jealousy feelings then this expression is so in time!i dont compare woman with a car but i cant imaging that everyone in the street can know my name:P hehe** !i guess in non-arab countries its ok. and i know a lot of ppl who wear their names as a necklace.
    Malizea- this is from collection of an emiraty jewellery designer fatima al Qasimi (In ras el Khaim)uae. she opened her store about week ago. i think she also will make her site soon but now u can contact them trouth this e-mail duwan.fQ at gmail dot com wish u good luck!

  4. thank u for answering!! very good blog mashallah


will appreciate your kind notes :)