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November 22, 2008

stroberry and cherry for a new style abaya (my inspiration)

Khaleejia said: I visited today this site
the only hand bag i didnt like there and replaced it with a Dior's one.
really it inspired me to create this look. As people like borrowing some futures for their fashion, life style and even music from other cultures so i think this look can remind a lot about Spain or Switzerland and same time be so Emirati;)

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  1. Assalamu alaikum

    This collage is so sweet ;-D
    MashaAllah you are creative sis!

  2. W aleikum asslam 7abeebti!
    oh thanks really for your kind notes! i am blushed, do you find this is cute combination? abt me..i fall in love with red after i made this collage:)

  3. i am on the way to buy a red lipstick (giorgio armani N20)

  4. hello

    congratulations for the effort, really this is a nice website, waiting for all the news


will appreciate your kind notes :)