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November 26, 2008

Children of my best friend,I miss you guys!

Khaleejia said:
This post is a gift to one of my best friend Fatima her blessed family and her beautiful children! I just adore them By will of God Sobhana w Ta'ala who granted her with three cutest boys i ever met in my life. Abdullah (7) Abd el-Malik (5) and Abd el-Aziz (3) . I hope that they keep a good memory about me as their mom's friend, Abdullah's teacher of english( omg how he made me laughing during our lessons with his cutest jokes !) and just as their friend or nanny who could play with them all day long and cooked for them something called -LAZIZA ( fried in the oil peaces of white bread which were wet in a very sweet water or milk before) and Indonesian potatoes (pomme fri with a sweet-garlic tomato salsa) yeah their taste was a little bit weird but i think they liked it as well as the name of these meals :)
three brother but so different,i think it happened due to their mother behavior with them. she became a best friend for each of them separately, when she talks with Abdullah (the boy on the pic. is not a son of my friend but i found him very similar! walla) its look like he is not 7 years old or maybe she is not 32 they become one age friends who speak in one language. I must say that religious studying and karate made him very smart. And sure as the older among his brother he betray with them as he should- very quiet as he knows nobody stronger then he;) of cause he never beat his brothers, he just knows that he is strong as once he won a 4 year older boy who has pairing with Abdullah at karate competition! ما شاء الله
Abd el Malik mashaallah very kind and quiet. It was very easy to manage with him almost for any case like going to sleep in time or ask him to empty the dinner plate. Almost no problem!

Abd-el Aziz oh i love this little hurricane! only few people could really manage with him! (when i look at the next pic i just can sure say that Abd-el Aziz has same smile)I think he just understood that he is beloved as a youngest one so it means that everything should be like he just wants! if its not like this well..everything what was on the tables,sofas and shelves directly will be on the floor! But day by day he finds another (not so hard)ways to let people understand what he wants.
And i really miss these kids and miss my friend. they moved and we just lost but i hope that one day we will meet again, maybe she will drop from the net to this post and recognize my story.
Fatim,7bibti i miss u and your beautiful kids hope you re all in the best health and Iman wherever you are!


  1. aww... i want babies!!!

    mashaAllah they are very cute!

  2. yes they are very cute mashallah I want kids too, well... I have to found a husband first lol :D

  3. I want a boy now insha Allah

  4. SALAM sis!
    AMIN to all your duas!

    p.s. me too,i want boy biiznillah
    as my character i see i can better manage with boys heh


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