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November 18, 2008


Khaleejia said:Hair removal procedure is hard to stand for a lot of women all over the world but it doesn't stop our wish to be beautiful as clean from hair body is a standard of beauty. Every woman i guess has her own secrets but as i notice there are more women who use these standard hair - removal ways:
1. shaving
2.creme depilation
3.mechanical depilator
5.low electricity wave depilation
6. wax

well, some of them are really not so bad but they do have amount of lacks shaving for ex. only for one-two days result ,creme depilator..never gives that result that is written on the tube and it always has specific smell, electro-epilator like this one is really nice but it still hurts and its price still high for a lot of girls.
x-rays depilation or some call it photo-depilation doesn't bring its result fast and it's one of the most expensive procedure i've ever met. Low electricity wave depilation is a not very long term procedure but to completely get rid of your hair you need to repeat it during 2 years and after each one procedure your skin becomes very red and must use some special creme to reduce its inflammation.
wax - nice but needs special things like wax-heater to spread it over the skin and special paper to remove it after but these things are not so cheap and hardly every woman can find them in the local store so better for her to visit beauty salon for this reason ,there she will sure spend more money and by the way wax removal is not good for a sensitive skin as it very strong.
I didn't put in the list above the way i like and going to tell about. I'll call it-sweet- as its name is and as it is really sweet because it is cooked from sugar and lemon juice mixed and boiled together, natural oriental recipe, non allergic, with natural ingredients, that exists since ages. and still is very popular. I think that now most women buy it from the stores or pharmacies as it is very cheap, one pack is about 0.30 US Dollars.
it looks like this:
the procedure with sweet is very easy and result lasting a week or more,it doesn't hurt much, and most important thing-it is natural.
no necessary to heat it before use but for a faster result just put it in a bowl of hot water for a 5 min.

unpack it

and start rumpling it in your hands to reach sticky but smooth condition of the sweet
make a flat ellipse shape of the sweet and apply it on the hair,hold on for a second and by a fast move take it off the skin:


another way -is a thread hair removal, this good for a face or for any unwanted hair, i tried to draw a pic, how to prepare a thread for work. then by a head movement the thread start its screwing that easily takes hair out.
1.pull a thread through your mouth and leave its end free. By a right hand catch a thread and pull it aside. make it straight and choose not too close and not too far distance between your face and the area with hair to remove 'em.
2. with a couple of screwing movements by your right hand make a triangle figure that is main part of the thread as soon as you ll apply its angal to the hair screwing movements will take them out.
3. but to activate the thread you need to move your head almost the same like in the dance yowalah,i don't know if anyone can do it from the first time but i wish you success!
some tips:
before removing hair on the face don't use any cream but talс as hair shouldn't be sticky to the skin. after you can use any moisturizing and refreshing cream,or juice of cucumber or ice or just water.
in a thread case head movements are not enough the fingers of the right hand should also move and lead the thread like when you cut something with scissors.
i found on the ali-baba site this small electric-thread hair removal that is a nice idea that broght the traditional experience into the twenty first century,i did not try it but i think its a good idea for individual use.

just added this video that by a chance found in net. watch it also if you re interested in the hair removing process by a thread its not exactly that way that i presented above but i think it's also nice and even maybe easier..

Quick Hair Removal Using Magical Thread - Watch more amazing videos here


  1. You can buy a 'sweet' type product produced in Australia called Nads from the internet. The woman is an Arab so I presume it is a similar product. It does however work best with cloth strips rather than pulling the 'sweet'.

  2. great add,thanx! so girls will know now what to do if they cant find sweet around. If this woman is really an arab one, then she should know what she does so i would trust her product. abt cloth strip i guess its should ease the hair removal process as sweet tends always stick your fingers before you finish your work;)(for me the only one minus of the sweet)

  3. Khaleejia, what brand of 'sweet' do you use? Secondly, do you pull in the opposite direction of the hair or in the same direction?

  4. Hi Sasha! here in the post i took pictures of those sweets i have been using for long time -it's "easy sweet" i buy in the nearest pharmacy. but since couple of months i use some other company sweet that unfortunatly can't give you the name as i threw away the cover. i just like the packeges. it's more comfortable for me. about the direction is always opposite of hair grows. good luck!


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