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November 14, 2008

Shopping ..buying a right ring

glamourous rings by designeraisha

Khaleejia said:
I did shopping last week and i feel like doing it again tomorrow, . My aim was to buy a nice ring. I spent hours in the jewelry stores. I tried on hundreds of rings, until i found THAT ONE! I think i became pro in this question. I can tell what kind of ring is good for long,short or middle size fingers,for young or adult woman, what kind of ring can make that effect that you need - for everyday wearing or for evening's. Which color shape,and size is good for a glam look...
Finally MY NEW RING is -the biggest that i just found stone - swarovski cristal light blue color with a nice glittering decoration around on the silver base. To find out where is that ring that deserves me i covered my fingers with different types and sizes of the rings in the stores compare...and must say that when i put this MY RING on it made me forget about others and i even stopped noticing them. i got a new feelings - that now my look is completed.
Polyvore gave me a nice opportunity to make these sets, where i put together the rings i like. there is no my new ring on the pics but there are couple of the similar design rings. Big rings can be rather high in their prices but i believe that better to have a couple of such kind then a dozen of small one's..and better to have both kinds of rings.


  1. slmz! love ur blog.i hav a would be great if you could tell us about emarati khaleeji wedding and bout what the bride has do to in order to prepare herself for the wedding...traditional beauti recepies would be fun...thanks alot

  2. salam Anon! OMG i haven't answer u yet?!
    yeah,i understood what u want.actually i planned this post since i just started blogging,i hope i ll finally do tuned;)


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