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May 31, 2010

wHoo WE aaRe..


I just have finished this pic today and want2share it with you all! hope you’ll like it:))))))
For those who didn’t get the idea of the picture..;) :
We aRe MUSLIM girls! we wear HIjAb and AbAyA tHat are ..yeah –BLaCK and yeah..its cover our beauty  ..bUt only from bad eyes of those who are jealous and from the eyes of the men who do not deserve to see it;)

under our BLACK abayas  WE have wHite HeaRTs and wear  stuff of the WORLD brAnds’  nAmEs ;)
We are open-minded and creative, kind and educated, caring for our families and friends, always giving and taking with pleasure ;)

we  love shopping but adore buying things for our beloved;) . we fast daily for one month every year (for religious purpose)  & we also pray everyday and ask blessings for our moms and dads cos’ their love to us is something huge and incredible! we pray for  all our brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law , fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, and for anyone else we care -  we know that Allah gave us mercy and we have to give more heart to those who are in need;) We enjoy traveling and meeting new people,cos' it brings us new experience, we rare feel shamed but often feel shy. We have some drawbacks but we always work on ourselves to be better and to have more success in life. sure We love trying out different diets but can never resist  rice& meat ;) We adore laughing and sharing our good mood and good  news with our friends from all over the world! we are very emotional cos’ we feel that  emotions make life colorful but we are cautious to  show our feelings to strangers. We do not forget the good others do to us but forgive the bad. we are hospitable  and generous. surely we are sociable but our homes and families are like our treasure that we do not show to everyone as it's too precious to us and we care about our dignity and the dignity of our family...We love everything that is beautiful, luxurious,chic, fabulous and gorgeous but we DO respect simplicity and traditions...

aNd sOmeTimes…

We love , we hate, we laugh, we cry, we remember, we forget, we talk, we’re completely silent, we’re busy we’re lazy, we drink coffee  with cardamon, we drink soda , prefer Mc Donald’s/kentaki to restaurants;) we drive ourselves;)

AND we speak too much:))))))))))

WiTh LoVE frOm kHaLEEjia


  1. this is wat u r, n ppl just need to accpt what ever u are right?? n ur also a human, not an alien

    i love it :)

  2. hey khaleejia
    mashalla7 nice picture...i wanted to find out if u know about ziet namal??? apperently girls in uae are starting to use is from turkey and iran...u use it after waxing and it makes your hair stop growing???


  3. This is nice...wish u could design a lady for my new e-commerce website?

  4. iamsilla hey girl,u got me!yeah we're not AAaLiEnS:))))) thanks for passing by;)
    sam! ur QQ are always incurage me to do all my best even i found for you the link where u can know more abt Namla zeit - here it is -ÒíÊ-Çáäãá-ÑæÌÇÇáÃÕáí-ÇáãäÚ-ÙåæÑÇáÔÚÑÛíÑÇáãÑÛæÈ-Ýíå-äåÇÆíÇ/5927883-EN/?id=5927883&title=ant-egg-oil-Hair-Remover&
    plz dont forget to copy the whole link!!:))
    Muftiah-thanks for commenting-oh how much people owed women for using their faces to sell goods;)

  5. lovee eitt
    soo artistic khaleejiaa:):)
    amazing pic

  6. Bismillah sister, but this image surely does not represent me as a muslimah. I see it wrong to portray us like hey we are different in color but in essence just same like you: BIG TIME CONSUMERS!!!
    I dont know sister, but if you try to represent thhe girls in the pic as wearing the correct hijab, i dont think this aim has been achieved as they do look attractive with their make up, bangs and jewels showing open wide the bad eyes you talk about in the text. BLACK IS NOT EQUAL GOOD HIJAB.


will appreciate your kind notes :)