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July 24, 2012

My humble THANK YOU to the special one

Khaleejia said: During all the years i had few difficult times with ability to keep blog updated. I knew you was waiting for the new posts and felt some guilty. At that time i met this special person who was so kind to help me and support. I got not only support in publishing but also was encouraged by my friend to keep what i've been doing that's why i want to write this post and say thank you. As since February 2009 she is my co-author. From 320 published posts in this blog my friend created around 150 posts. She covered different topics: arabic perfumes, abayas, jalabiyas, gulf henna and make up. My friend is a very humble person, who made a big impact on this blog but never asked anything in return. I write this post to  give credits to her work. My dear friend, Khaleejia's Life Blog would not be what it is today without your input. I highly appreciate your efforts and say THANK YOU.


  1. its a valuable friendship.... nice

  2. mashAllah thats a great thing to have a real friend :)


will appreciate your kind notes :)