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July 26, 2012

Ramadani funny series NEW 2012 by Khaled AlJabri

Khaleejia said: Ramadan is a blessed month. We all love it and enjoy the fasting. Most of us know how to fast from Quran, families and teachers, but there is always something special that may not everyone notice- it is how we actually spend it in the real life. Famous Emirati writer & cartoonist and my friend Khaled Al Jabri launched his caricature Ramadan series where he features all those hidden yet true facts of the modern Ramadani fasting habits in al Khaleej (the Gulf).

Day1 : " How to watch all those TV serials in Ramadan?"
Day 2 : Which serial to watch?
 Day 3: Do you fasting this year?
 Day 4 : "Levels of danger": Lion, Cobra and a fasting man at work.
 Day 5 : "Attention! Fasting people in front!
 Day 6: Before 1 minute of al-Athan al Fajr(call to the morning pray):
 Day 7: "Ramadan shopping- food sparing": Woman : "Only?!"

To be continued... stay tuned:

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