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August 3, 2012

Khaleeji Make-up Mix


  1. Makeup is supposed to beautify features :/

  2. Alot of make up. I think itz nice to wear THAT much just for art and fotografi. But these looks arent something u cn wear everyday. I wnt to a wedding last month and i done gold bronze and black eyes. With eyeliner on the top. I double winged it out to get the khaleeji look. Bcuz my eyes r naturally quite big i avoid using black on my waterline so i used brown which looked nice. I kept the foundation flawless. Matched exact my skintone nt lighter. I used a bronzer without shimmer to contour my face and a nude lipgloss and lipstick and i was good to go. I like the make up pictures above but itz too much goin on at the same time. Overall i love khaleeji make up. :)

  3. These are amazing looks! Very artistic and I love the color combinations :D


will appreciate your kind notes :)