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August 9, 2012

Reem Al Sharji-first Emirati lady who participate in horse racing in abaya

Khaleejia said: I got a call from my friend inviting me to do some photo-shooting in a nice place with a nice people, i was not told much about them, but when we just came to the place which is a little bit outside of Dubai, in the desert.I was surprised to see so beautiful landscape combination of fresh green grass in the midle of the sands, palms and arabic stallions running among them.. We were met by an owner Rashid, beautiful Reem and her team. They treated us with traditional Emirati Al-Gahwa, homemade lugeimat and dates. I liked the atmosphere of hospitality. After we did some photography with Reem, her horse & the team, i back with her to the nice decorated little guest house, and asked some questions about her occupation, how she came to this and here is her story..

Reem Al Sharji
I’m interested in horses since childhood but professionally I started my trainings 4 years ago.
From where did you learn horse riding?
I like to learn it from experienced people , I learn everything from them- about riding, how to care and everything that related to this. Yes, I read books, browse internet, but I prefer to meet real experienced people and I go across the UAE visiting horseback riding clubs, coaches and everyone from who I can learn anything new.
-Tell about Samar, your beautiful horse.
I baught Samar because it was my dream to have a horse. When I bought it I put her in my house.But later on I transferred it to the Rashid’s stable where is everything done to make any horse feel like 5* luxury resort specially during the summer period.
Samar with me 1.5 years. She is my baby . I have 3 children and she is the 4th:) I love to learn her personality, character, also she is learning me. That is what I purely enjoying all the time communicating with horses, and establishing understanding between  me and my horse. I noticed that she trusts me like none else, also I trust her and I never afraid from her. I call it love. This Love is bigger than fear. Once I fall down from her, and she didn’t leave me, she stayed beside me and waited until I got up.
Horse riding is a traumatic sport, how is your luck in this?
Before I started racing I did jumping and I left it because I fell down rolling over the fence I broke arm, All my family asked me to leave this sport but I could not. I just changed it to racing.
Since how long you participate in racing?
From 2011 About 2 times a year. Also I am the first Emirati woman who ride racing in abaya.
-What was the reason for you to ride wearing abaya?
When I started, guys there was a majority (in this sport).  So I got shy. As I had to wear tide jeans & T-shirts with long sleeves, yes I worn also sheilah(scarf) but it did not make me feel comfortable. That’s why I decided to keep on abaya.
-What kind of abaya did you wear for riding?
It was fully closed one abaya with tide sleeves and under it I dressed trousers as when I rode horseback it goes a little up. When I tried ride in abaya first time, I got very satisfied and happy. I felt comfortable and finally relaxed. Because abaya for me it from one side- Islam, and from other side- UAE, and my respect to the traditions.Also as being emirati I have to give a good example on the world arene by representing my country.

Reem, tell me plz being a mother of 3 beautiful children Allah yakhfath-hum, a wife, and a young ambitious lady –how do you balance your life among these?
-I try my best. I divide my time between everybody I care/ I have been married for 13 years already and I am happy my family accepts my hobby.I am happy that my kids love horses too, specially the smallest one, she has no fear at all to Samrah, masha Allah. My husband also understands and supports me.
See this beautiful  Reem Al Sharji video.

Photography: by Khaleejia.


  1. Good luck to her :) Shows that modest dress is no obstacle

  2. Asalamu alaikum,

    Thanks for sharing love the picture of the horse.

    Masha'Allah a lucky person to have a horse in this world.

    The Lion's Claws! Come have a look I dare you :)

    Take Care


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