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August 17, 2012

Dubai Leading Fashion House - Soirée Boutique

Khaleejia said: Soirée as one of the most prominent boutiques in UAE is very well know among the residents of one of the most popular fashion city in the world – DUBAI. Soirée is a hub of the top designers such as Essa, Umar Sayeed, Rizwan Beyg, Wafa Saifi, Moji, Glamonyou by Nadine Arton, Deepak Perwani, Maheen Karim, Nadiya Kassam, Trousseau, Sana Safinaz, Nida Azwer, HSY &Nadya Shah, Glamonyou and now Sania Maskatiya, just to name a few.
I happened to meet the owner- Mariya Kassam, a gorgeous and the same time very welcoming and friendly lady.
soiree boutique007

In her boutique – beautiful villa with a podium instead of garage and cute garden interior, I started to feel myself as being in the fashion kingdom in the middle of Jumeirah.


Yes, definitely Mariya knows her work, and she is doing it well according to the Dubai ladies' tastes. As she knows how to please our little whims. When I entered the villa, I was guided to have a look around and all the glittering &sparkling embroidered crystals on the silks, colors, textures, materials and even aromas inside appealed to my senses with appreciation & happiness of being a woman
soiree boutique013

 soiree boutique008 soiree boutique009 soiree boutique010 soiree boutique011 soiree boutique012 soiree002

Now let’s have some words about the collections.
It is really stunning, a collection of designers wear with different and diversified vision, culture intertwining that shown in every piece, deeply impressed me. Would you like to see European evening gowns after touch of the local designers?
I bet, you going to be surprised and fall in love with these outfits. But my concern was to see pure khaleeji fashion dresses and I must say, I fall in love with them. The colors, brand new cuts and amazing materials you can never found somewhere else in the world. . Designed for VIP khaleejias.
soiree boutique001 soiree boutique002 soiree boutique003 soiree boutique004 soiree boutique005 soiree boutique006 soiree boutique015 soiree boutique016 soiree boutique017 soiree boutique018 soiree boutique028 soiree boutique029 soiree boutique030 soiree boutique031 soiree boutique032

I would like to write about each designer as  Soirée  has up to 20 different designers, locals(Emirati) and other, who do all these stunning abayat, jalabeya, kaftans, tunics including jackets, skirts etc. & accessories. Mariya promised to keep me updated with the new arrivals and events. So khaleeji fashion lovers - stay tuned!
To contact Soirée boutique: Facebook


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