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August 27, 2012

Painting on Shaylah

Khaleejia said:

I've been feeling creative lately, so I finally did what I wanted to try long time ago... and that is painting on a headscarf - shaylah. I've seen hand-painted scarves and abayas  on some women, in abaya shops and on many khaleeji forums, for example:
I bought the nessary equipment from Lulu hypermarket: acrylic paint for fabrics, brushes and a wooden frame. I also got plain shaylas and hot fix crystals.  Here's what I made :-)


I enjoyed the process but  it was a bit tricky to properly adjust the crystals without spoiling the painting or the shaylah.    I gave these scarves to the young girls in my family :)


  1. very pretty! i love the designs on them!

  2. mashaAllah amazing, you are really talented, sis!

  3. Beautiful! You need to be artistic for that....very creative!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies!

  5. wooooooow!!!!really great art....


will appreciate your kind notes :)