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March 17, 2013

SAFETY MEANS LIFE Campaign by Nissan Off Road Club UAE

Khaleejia said: UAE is a popular  place for off road drive in the desert and mountains, though this drive leads yearly to several deaths and serious injuries. Families loosing their sons without a reason. Young generation has to be aware of the safe drive and this campaign by Nissan Off Road club in collaboration with Seeds of Change (UAE) & khaleejia held the event dedicated to all who do drive in the desert and to those who would like to learn how to do that and stay safe. Our female mission was to be there watch and organize group of 20 cars. We did not go to drive in the matter of safety as it could be dangerous for us, that men would never allow women to take a risk, as well as women in the dangerous areas of the desert could create a situation, when guys would start doing more tricks and risk their lives that was of cause against our target.

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