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March 18, 2013

Emirati youth support preserving culture. Our mission is featured by UAE newspaper Al Bayan

Khaleejia said: It was an honor for me and my friends to visit Park of sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed for Family Gatherings in Dubai. Being received by head of the Heritage Department  and Studies of the Environment Jumaa bin Thalith we learnt in details how was the life in the previous times when there was no even electricity. The life in the desert and at the sea was really hard yet beautiful and amazing. Our visit was featured by Al Bayan (Newspaper, UAE )  on 15/03/2013


  1. Great pictures! It's always wonderful to learn history in a fun way, great props too. Yes the life was a lot harder back then, al humdulillah for the advancements that many of us are blessed with. :)

  2. Dear Aisha,
    Thank you for this kind feedback, i am happy you liked the pics, we all did pics and some are really funny, ( when we fight for the water, as there was time when water was so precious that no one could waste it) and other pics that we all did but these are done by me, so more exclusiveness:) I believe everyone in every country should do the same visit to the historical places like this one to remember and educate young generation.


will appreciate your kind notes :)