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February 5, 2009

UAE Ladies National Dress- muhawar

Khaleejia said: Muhawar (مخور) is a traditional dress worn by women in the UAE and some neighboring khaleeji countries. In case of adult women when worn outside of the house it's covered by a black abaya. It can be worn daily in the house or for special occasions. Many local women buy new muhawarat for Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha. It's the same type of dress the famous ladies from Freej cartoon wear:)

This loose dress has a simple cut and long sleeves. What distinguishes it is the beautiful embroidery on the chest and cuffs. Embroidery can be combined with beads, pearls, crystals, bows, crocheted elements. The price of such a dress varies depending on the fabric and embellishments. A nice muhawar can cost 100- 500 AED or more.

Of course not all Emirati women wear this dress nowadays. Some wear it from time to time, or for national holidays only. Others prefer to wear jeans and t-shirts, skirts instead. Yet there are still many families where the traditional dress is loved and respected.


  1. Ooh I love these Khaleejia! When my sister was in Dubai a few years ago, she bought 2 dresses that were already cut and she had them sown together here at home...she wore them for Eid...lovely...can't wait to come to UAE to buy them plus the perfumes and gold bangles of course! I bought a stunning filigree gold ring in Saudi (Al-Madinah) which I wear on every special occasion. Wa'salaam

  2. mashallah beautiful!! ooo I love this cartoon UM khamas is soo funny hihi...

  3. Beautiful khalijias. I wear those too. I loved the greens/browns and the turqoise one. The ones that are on the plastic wraps, how much do they go for? sf

  4. assalam aleikum sisters!

    washi, malizea, anonymous thank you for the comments.

    Anonymous I dont know how much those dresses in plastic cost. I may check it later though...

  5. I have a few of those...insha'allah should make it a point to get some more soon.

  6. MashAallah!!!I love those dresses I have some very very cheap ones and not that nice unfortunatly, but that's all we find here in the UK. I love traditional arab dresses as they are really feminine and you feel like a princess in them, also they are very practical to wear underneath the's a shame many young ladies do not wear them anymore and go instead for western fashion, I was told I dress like a granny because I only wear dresses! but hey I don't care since I am following the examples of the mothers of the believers, they certainly didn't use to wear jeans!!!! may the cultures and garbs of the Muslims be preserved.

  7. Ohhh..thanx alot ..that was a very nice info.. i liked the pics alot..they were wonderful..!!


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