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February 3, 2009

Some Advice on Buying Perfumes in the Emirates

Khaleejia said: Arabic perfumes and bukhoor can be a good present from the GCC countries.

In UAE you can buy bukhoor or perfumes from many different shops.

You can visit these most BEAUTIFUL websites: Rasasi, Ajmal -best Emirati companies. Abdul Samad al Qurashi - is a famous manufacturer from KSA (I just love them!).

Products of the following companies are widely presented on the UAE market: Amalia, Al Haramain, Swiss Arabian, Arabian Oud

The price on Arabic oil perfumes varies greatly. You can buy a pleasant scent for AED 35 or AED 45. And there are luxurious oils in beautiful bottles and boxes for AED 500, AED 1,000, AED 3,000 and more.
Some stores have huge glass bottles with oil from which they pour perfume into small bottles and sell to the customers. The perfume stores usually sell beautiful bottles of different capacity and shape. You can also bring your own bottle to the shop.

Oud (agarwood) is expensive and can cost anything from AED1,000 to AED40,000 depending on the quantity and quality.
Bukhoor can cost you between AED 50 and AED500

The Bukhoor burner costs from AED50 to AED500, but you can also buy very expensive ones which are made of gold or silver.
The coal is relatively cheap. The "magic coals" which are the best quality and last for longer cost about AED50 for a box.


  1. Hi, when I first smelled bukhoor I instantly fell in love with it. My Emirati mother in law (Allah Yarhama)would burn it every morning. To this day I don't know which brand of bukhoor it was but I can remember the scent so vividly.

  2. Shukran ktheer ya ukhti! You helped me decide what to have habibi bring me back from KSA.

  3. Thank you for your post! I like this smell and some of my friends don't understand how my nose enjoys it. I feel like I'm the only Filipina who appreciates this.

  4. Salaam, I got Maamul Riyadh (the glass jar with red top). I burn it for my house after cooking. How much is it in UAE? sf


will appreciate your kind notes :)