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February 26, 2010

Emirati Evening dresses

Khaleejia said: Here's a nice video with evening dresses. The colourful dresses  can be worn by female guests for a  wedding party. Green dresses can be worn by the bride for laylat al henna.  The last dress is a wedding dress :)


  1. salam aleykoum sister!
    very useful video...thanks for sharing! WOuld you know the brand by any chance?

  2. wow these are so beautiful. is there a website i can order them from?

  3. Hello,
    Our magazine East&West ( is doing a feature on the Middle East in August. Would you be interested in writing an article about the beauty of burqas? I will be approaching some designers to showcase their creations: Dar La Beaute, Rogue Couture, etc. I love your blog!
    Kind Regards,

  4. Zimdingo- thank you for your kind words. yes, I'd like to write that article. Could you please leave a contact e-mail in a comment- I won't publish it.


will appreciate your kind notes :)