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February 15, 2010

Popular Accessories for a Feminine Khaleeji Look: Rings & Watches

Khaleejia said: I hope all of my dear readers are doing fine :)

This post is dedicated to cute rings and watches!

These accessories are a must have for a complete elegant khaleeji look.  Gulf women are very feminine and fashionable.  That's why many girls have several beautiful watches and many rings (and earrings, necklaces,  bracelets etc ;)   There are many accessory shops  in the malls. Personally I have hard time resisting temptation to buy new rings and watches when I see how pretty they are :-O

Cute rings and watches should be worn on all occasions- weddings, school, work, at home. They add feminine charm to a woman and thus should not be disregarded by ladies. 

The most popular are big rings and watches with a lot of colourful crystals.


























  1. I love these pictures -- they are so Banaat ul-5aleeejiiiii LOL okay seriously i luv the funky/glamour trends that happen here :-D

  2. Great pics!!!! on my express trip to Dubai i was able to get 3 new watches.....its so addicting. So many cool styles. I really enjoy the henna.....just haven't had very good success with getting that "khaleeji" design.

  3. i love everything on this blog!! mwaaaaaaah the henna are all gorgeous


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