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February 18, 2010

To my Lovely Readers

Khaleejia said: Hello my dear readers- Arabian Gulf culture lovers!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for participating in my blog!

I'm very grateful to both my followers and those random readers who find my blog through web search engines! I appreciate every comment and silent readers too! I'm very happy when I open my blog and see people from different corners of the world come to read "Khaleejia's Life". It's truly amazing! Subhan'Allah!

I'm happy that my blog is of interest and benefit to you. I try to make it positive and colourful just like khaleeji culture is  :)

Thank you everybody for your support!


  1. I like to visit your blog and like the information that you post here. so, thank you:)

  2. your welcome and thank YOU for such a wonderful blog!

  3. assalamu aleikum, I love ur blog.Looking forward for new posts.

  4. Salaam sister!

    I just love your blog. I visit it daily.

  5. Salaam 3alaich,

    u know i luv your Blog <3

    Allah yisilmich xoxo

  6. Deros, Sakeenah, OmAbdullah, Veiled thoughts, Umm Kadhim, Aalia jzakum Allah 5air :-*


will appreciate your kind notes :)