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September 2, 2008


Khaleejia said: I wish to everyone spend this month with a lot of good deeds and peace. I wish families come to reunification. I wish for Muslim invite their non-muslims friends into their houses with all hospitality they can afford. I wish for wives make their homes lovely and filled with warm and beauty. I wish for husbands hurry up to their homes after their work to share beautiful time of iftar with their families. I wish to remind what Our Prophet be Peace Upon Him taught us - Give gifts to each other as it spreads love among you and makes your hearts softer. I wish Muslim people become better in this month and do all the best for themselves and for others.
Romadan Mubaarak and pray for all muslims to enter the Paradise inshaallah.

photo of the Mosque in UAE Sharjah,kornish Abu Khureira


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