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November 10, 2009

My Friend's Gorgeous Abayat (EXCLUSIVE!)

Khaleejia said: I've a friend who's a very beautiful and classy lady. She has a very good taste in  khaleeji abayas. And I'm happy I got permission to share some of her abayat with my blog reader!  I love all of her abayas. What about you, what are your   favorites?














  1. really nice all of them, but your friend isn't she a muslimah? coz i see the blonde hair ...

  2. Her abayat are beautiful. Where did she buy them? Specifically number 5, 6, and 8? Thanks :)

  3. UAE Fan: I just want to say to you that these pictures are anonymous and you can't see her identity. Do you have Quran and Hadith evidence that a photograph of the ends of some unknown woman's hair is haraam?
    And also, there are many muslimah's out there that don't cover their hair at all. They are still muslims. If we woman stopped judging each other on these things we'd love and help each other a lot more!

    And they are beautiful abayas :) Nice post Khaleejia

  4. Salamoualeikoum
    they are all beautiful but my favourite is the 9, i love butterflies abayas!

  5. 10 cause at first see it looking very simple, but chic feel...

  6. Asalamu'alykum dear sister

    First thanks to share with us those very beautiful abayat.

    My favorite are n°9 & 10, very chic and unique !

    Fi amanillah

  7. Salam sis!
    wow i luv all these abayas! my faves are 1,3,5,7,9 <3 <3

  8. oo number 1, 5 and 10! wow number 10 is like a dream!

  9. Salams,

    Love them, very nice, even the song!

    Yeah, I didnt know muslimahs were only brunettes, lol.
    Many people dye or bleach their hair blonde. Hehehe, nice post

  10. Khaleejia, thanks for sharing...I love no. 3!!

  11. OMG, I totally love number 5!
    It seems like your friend has an impeccable taste in abayas.
    Could you ask her were she got number 5?

  12. As salam alaykum!

    Gorgeous abayas!! I love the last one, it's very beautiful :)
    Thank you Khaleejia - and your stylish friend for sharing these.

    BTW, I'm not wanting to attack anyone with my comment, plz don't get me wrong and I'm not trying to judge anyone, but I don't think UAE fan meant that only brunettes can be Muslimahs :)
    As Nawal said, many people dye or bleach their hair and some of us are naturally blondes, especially converts. I think UAE fan was just pointing out that how come we're all seeing her hair if she's a Muslimah? Well, correct me if I'm wrong.
    And like Jaz said, some Muslimahs don't choose to cover their hair and they're still Muslims and our dear Sisters in Islam.

    However, I don't agree about showing hair on photos, even if you can't be recognized from the picture. If that was the case we could start posting pictures of our breasts and bodies as well... The hair, neck, body and everything about a woman's body except her hands and face are considered a woman's awrah and a woman's awra must not be seen by any non-Mahram men.

    Peace & love Sisters!!

  13. I love number 3 and 10 the most!!!!!!!!

  14. I agree with what Deros said about #10 -- my abayaat are all flowy but chic <3 BTW Khaleejia i love the new Blog layout!!!!

  15. All of these abayas are great. Is there a way for us to purchase such abayas in Europe(e.g. in Germany)?

  16. sister! you got my head spinning!
    they are gorgeouuuus!!
    my fav are 5,7 and 10
    <3 <3

  17. No 10 is my favourite :)

    About hair. I am brunette as all members of my and my husbands family - we are pure Libyans. Our beautiful daughter was born blonde! Subhanallah! She has very light hair and dark brown eyes and eyebrows. She looks very uniqe mashAllah :))

  18. Asalamu aleykom sisters,
    I feel so guilty now for a such stupid question i asked...i never meant about the hair color, i was so curious if your friend is she a muslimah or not because usually a practising muslimah will never show up even a piece of hair.
    Thank you Hijab Chic and Jaz please try to read more Quran to see the evidence you asked for !

  19. Cami abayat number 1,3,4,6,7,8 were bought in Central Market in Sharjah (Blue Souq). Other abayat from abaya shops in Dubai Mall: 5 and 10 are from Hanayen, number 9 from Geelato, number 2 from Khunji.

  20. Thank you so much habibty. You are a fantastic blogger, and the information presented here in your blog is thorough, authentic and so cool! You are the only one with this kind of info on khaleeji culture and you always have so many great pictures of everything. Keep up the good work, I love it!!! salaamat from Bahrain.. :)

  21. Cami ashkurich 7abibti for ur sweeeeeeet words. Inti waid 7elwa!

  22. salam sis!
    omg!i luvvvv the last one!
    it's so beautiful n stylish!
    الله يعطيكي العافية

  23. assalamu aleikum sis! mashAllah veeeery beautiful abayas, your friend has a great taste! :)


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