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January 2, 2011


Khaleejia said:

Check out new EFFA abayat inspired by the 1950's:
More pics:Effa on Facebook

Homa Q

Dar Haraier abayat

To anyone who wants to be updated on the new abaya styles, I'd recommend a Sama Dubai TV program "Harayer". New abayat, party dresses, jalabiyat, make up and hair styles are featured in every episode. It can be watched on line:,%D8%AD%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%8A%D8%B1?page=3


  1. Oooh I *love* the last one with the purple belt/sash thing. So gorgeous!

  2. temptinggg

    they jus all so beautiful

    just did a post on abayas!!

  3. I love how you post different abaya designers. They are so lovely to look at and the endless designs are amazing. I'm curious though, if you had to pick your top 5 designers that you like and/or buy from who would they be? When I shop for abayas in Dubai it can be quite overwhelming yet fun nonetheless. Or, maybe you could make 2 lists; one being those designers that are beautiful yet realistically, the majority of people would not buy from (cost)and one where people would be more inclined to buy from that are stylish and more affordable. It will be interesting to see your opinion :)



will appreciate your kind notes :)