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April 24, 2011

MAKE your OWN BURGA3 bracelet

It was again my crazy creative mood to do some handicrafts…that  surely would be:



3….NICEEEEE)))….yani – UCN ,yani - “U CaN”.

You may hear that burga3 or burqa is a ‘khaleeji’ women’s attribute that could almost disappear if there was not be done a great work on  renewing the old traditions by governmental programs on saving the heritage. Nowadays young girls tend to love burga3 more than  ignore it.  You can read this one private story to understand all better.

Of cause it doesn’t mean that girls wear it daily. No. But they love to have it at homes and take some cool pictures of themselves while wearing burga3 then posting them on flickr or other forums, blogs and sites or having  it for national celebrations and so on.

Also this famous mini/little burga3’s bracelets and prints on T-shirts are in  demand on the local market.

6169_103248469651_679359651_2175102_7715666_n nooni1 luckynooni3 source of the next pic

brg3 tshirt

So now i’d like to show how you can make your own mini burga3 bracelet just for  entertaining yourself))

ok step 1:

i draw my idea to measure size and shape

step 2:  found the materials: it was thick piece of chocolate’s pack (dark brown color) i think it would be better to replace it with a piece of any thick leather, e.x. from any old leather belt.


‘golden’ thread and nail polish to protect from getting wet; 6 crystals to decorate. that’s it.


the final look)) hope you really will like it)hehe




going to make another post about trends in emarati glamorous bracelets u’ll gona like it.

take care u all, bye))


  1. Salaam 3alaich ya 7elwa <3

    MashaaAllah I looove your creativity and you know what I would actually pay for your designs... You should think about starting a business or something ;-)

  2. I like it. I think it looks cute.

  3. btw Ihad one question. Maybe for a new topic but what do khaleeji women wear to work?

  4. thanks hijabi :)

    Most khaleeji women wear simple abayas and sheilahs to work.

    check out Amal's blog

  5. اختي من وين اقدر احصل على البراقع اللي على الكف

    وكم اسعارهم


will appreciate your kind notes :)