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June 6, 2011

Arabesque Am - Pm Abaya line

Khaleejia said:  Check out the  new Arabesque "Am.. Pm" line
 “am…pm” is a very innovative line, with new cut and shapes (most of them are “baggy”) and minimalist embellishments. The abayas in the line have black on black embellishments in sophisticated black fabrics specially sourced and exclusively created in Paris for Arabesque.
This line has been designed to cater all trendy and women-on-the-go who are looking for an abaya that will be easy to wear from the morning till the evening (ideal abaya for shopping, having lunch with girlfriends, going to work or university…)
This new line of chic and refined abayas is easy to match with bright colors accessories (designer handbag, shoes, and jewels)
Palm Strip Mall, Level 1, 04 3463 050, Jumeirah, Dubai
Abu Dhabi Mall, Level 1, 02 6444 355, Abu Dhabi

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