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November 25, 2011

UAE’ got talents! Khalid Al Ali

Meet Khalid Al Ali BuNahayan a 26 year old Emarati who turned his hobby to be a photographer  featuring all the most interesting events that  take place around the UAE with passion and great goals.
“Hello to all, I am Khalid Al Ali
In 2003 I started with HCT  as a student of the major electronic engineering technology program, and after I was graduated  I started with scholarship in the ADNOC company. Later, I came back to HCT again to study Mechanical engineering technology ...
Photography was my hobby from the very beginning and only since 2003 i started working as a photographer  covering  lots of different events and even became a volunteer with other people to organize these events and earn some leadership experience thorough these activity .
During this period I have attended more than 50 events till now... such as Dubai air show , UAE rally with UAE FJ Team.. Dubai festival for youth theater and also The National Day event with bicycles race and the walking people at Sharjah Men’s College and also lots of other college events.”
The next are some of  those events that were taken by Khalid: hope you will enjoy with me)
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: ( Khalid Al.A.:(left) with his friend-  Abdullah Ismail (Noor Dubai TV presenter):(right)).
Facebook to Khalid ‘quick-shot view’ link

By Khaleejia

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