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May 8, 2012

Spirit of the Union in the way of young and ambitious Intisar Al-Ammari.

Khaleejia said: I met Intisar over Facebook, we had some activities in common, later i invited her to have lunch together and was excited to know what this amazing girl does. I asked Intisar to share that with you. I always admire those who dedicate their free time to make someone happier.
Hi, I am Intisar Al-Ammary. Currently, I am working as a Business Development Manager at Golden Crown Travels and Tourism. While I’ve been working in this field for several years I am specialized in the outbound tourism out of the UAE. This experience helped me to start my own profitless campaign that intended for those who live in UAE for years but have not had an opportunity to explore this beautiful country in its deep. I started arranging group trips and tours within UAE and Oman couple of times in a year. Mainly with my friends and people around me for us to get together, know each other have fun, talk and discover new places and areas. I was excited and happy to get positive feedback after the first trip that encourage me to keep on doing this for years.
So my next trip is scheduled on May 19, 2012. I am going to book bus to hold the transfer for everyone from Dubai To Mussandam. Then group will board the wooden dhow (traditional boat)/Speed Boat & sail through the beautiful fjords of Musandam; Pass by the Haffa Beach & Haffa Village where anyone can enjoy a relaxing swim in the Gulf of Oman and basic snorkeling. Later, we will gather for delicious picnic lunch; cruise by fishing villages, village of Zeke, spectacular White caves, cutting rocks and other beautiful bays of Musandam. After we plan to return to the port with memories of “Mystic Musandam”. Emaratis, expats, other - all are welcomed. This is unique trip, where we will meet eachother and spend a good time together while surfing & uncovering new landscapes of the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Everyone is the most welcomed to join us.
Everyone who presence in UAE may join check for more details:
 Looking forward to see you all soon
 My facebook page

I would add that woman in UAE started plays more and more active public & social roles. Full of ideas Intisar  keeps on self-developing  in different fields,  she has more ambitious for tomorrow. Thank you dear, ma shaa Allah aleich and I ask Allah give you more success.

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