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December 7, 2013


Khaleejia said: UAE becoming the world’s fashion hotspot. Probably the reason of this is that local designers have to follow the global mode trends which they masterfully implement into the traditional outfit. 

Such combination made Emirati style to stand out among the other countries' dress code culture.
Yes we do have very conservative opinion saying that Abaya should not change it's original black color or shape.

Though, now Abaya it is not only a traditional dress but also a fashionable tool in the hands of the local fashionistas. Which helps to express their personalities, taste and positive attitude to the community's values.

Khaleejia's Life friend beauty editor Al-Reem Saif is our local fashion star who we consider is one of the best in representing fashion & abaya fashion in the country through her collaboration with different local abaya designers, social activities, personal style and due to her work.. read more about her life in one of our tête-à-tête interview here.

We hope this brief repost of Al-Reem's photos will give you a better idea about Emaratyah new abaya style trends.

The Emaratyah fashion exhibition took place in Jumeirah Etihad Towers from 21 to 23 of November, 2013 with @almayasahcollection which showcased the new collection of trendy and fashionable abayas.  

The new styles of abayas are open from the front, have belts and different layers with prints. Stripes, polka-dot, ornaments, plant and animal prints. 



  1. I've just found your blog :)...
    These abayas are beautiful.So feminine :)!
    Greetings from Slovenia...

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