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February 5, 2014

Traditional Emarati Breakfast: خبز الخمير Khobz Al Khameer by Chef Latifa

Khaleejia said: حلقات عن الريوق الاماراتي مع الشيف لطيفة بشكل خاص على "حياة خليجية"
طرق طبخ الاكلات الاماراتية التقليدية الشعبية 
We presenting you New video series "Traditional Emarati Breakfast " with  Latifa Al Masoud one of our best cook in UAE who had several programs on Sama Dubai.  Chef Latifa offered her help in creating these series exclusively for our followers. We hope you will enjoy and learn a lot from these videos.

The first part telling about Khobz Al Khameer ( or Yeast Bread ). The Traditional Emarati bread that cooked at home. Once cooked, it can be served with cheese, honey, or jam. Used as sandwich or wrap.
Emarati Breakfast series will show you how to cook at your home kitchen most of the traditional dishes of UAE.
Chef Latifa presented the art of traditional cooking on Sama Dubai Tv . 
& Exclusively for Khaleejia's Life

2 glass of warm water.
4 cups of flour
2 table spoons of:
-milk powder,
-ghee butter
-1 egg ( to lubricate the top of the dough before cooking)
1 tea spoon of:
Sesame seeds.

1. Add warm water to yeast mix well and leave to leavened
2. Add to the flour milk powder and salt mix well then
3 Add Kurkum and Saffron
Mix all well & add warm water.
When the dough gets well mixed and becomes sticky leave it for  30 min to ferment.
Once the dough ready, make from it ball shapes using some flour. Then flatten them and stick it to the hot metallic cake pan. Over spread some egg and sesame seeds. Place it up-side-down on the top of the deep empty hot metal pan that is placed on the fire directly and used as an oven.  Leave it for about 2-4 minutes, depends on if you like  to reach less or more brown bread. Chef Latifa prefers more brown. At the end put some ghee butter then serve with honey, cheese or jam.
 Try it and Share your experience. And by the way, you all are welcome to ask Chef Latifa  any question regarding the cooking process.

Thanks & see you soon!

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