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May 24, 2014

Real: Dubai People Fashion

real people dubai mall fashion khaleejia life009
To see real style &  fashion  people  have here in Dubai  we went to Dubai mall on the most crowded day -Friday 
In The Dubai Mall itself there would not be a better place for that than promoted for the VIP, high class and normal people – The Fashion Avenue .
Fashion Avenue  is a beautiful, stylish place where people from all over the UAE coming for the social entertainment. To show themselves and to see others.
real people dubai mall fashion khaleejia life001

Good  as well as for the family entertainment beacaus it is very safe&classy place.  While shopping in the Brand boutiques , kids are playing on the softest carpets along the shops. In the center of the avenue set of the most branded café: Armani and Fauchon Paris. Always full. Ladies and men can sit next to each other. Being an informal place, though since it is public & open all behave respectfully. So no worries for being disturbed.
real people dubai mall fashion khaleejia life005

We got a table, and it was just around tables where groups of men were sitting.. later when we asked a waiter to shift us to where ladies sitting, he apologized for being fully occupied and wonder if anyone bothers us. I was about to say “No, of cause not! Unless my friend caring for the shifting ASAP found a reason by saying “YES, men are gazing !” Lol, we were actually staring more for the article sake. But this reason was not that helpful.. and later on we just changed the café..
real people dubai mall fashion khaleejia life004

So, me and my friend who loves spending every weekend in Dubai Mall, knows every cafe and boutique, helped me in this not easy but interesting task.

To avoid back-biting and gossiping, we looked at everybody with respect plus a little bit of humor (hardly you can do this without it). Our main target was to notice details of the Dubai Style and Fashion..
real people dubai mall fashion khaleejia life002

Once we made an order and I opened the laptop we started making notes..
1.“Look, this lady wearing black Dior shoes.. I hope its original otherwise fake one are so uncomfortable, I tried once but I would never buy black as it’s so boring…”
2.“I saw one man carrying one big Dior bag, probably bought something for his wife.. but to be honest I did not see a sign of happiness on his face… may be he has to do it monthly on his salary” :)
3.“Look these two ladies who wearing abayas but there is no brand plus too many colors. But what I liked in their look is only classy Arabic make-up: bold eyes, and cherry color lipstick which is very good for the tanned skin.”
4.“That lady is fully covered but look she has a red LV bag. “
5.“Do you think those girls  have real fringes?”...
6.“Bytheway, I didn’t see any lady with henna on the hands today..hmm, strange.”
7.“I like how these three ladies look, so elegant in their plain black abayas which are simply clean and well pressed.”
real people dubai mall fashion khaleejia life007

8.“See, this group of ladies look “3adi” = “average” emirati style. One wearing abaya with brown flowery design, hair half opened, another has a bag from new collection of YSL which is widely now popular, and everyone has it. So nothing special, 3adi.”

Credit to the caricaturist Wafa Al Marzouqi.

9.“This group of ladies.. we would say all is too much.. a ring in the nose, strong makeup, so opened. Omg.. I hate this leggings… .”
real people dubai mall fashion khaleejia life006

10.“I thought this hair do with a volume is not fashion anymore.. Oh see, she has standard set of the accessories: one braslete of Cartier, another van clef, and  rolex watch .”
real people dubai mall fashion khaleejia life008

11.(Cute Omany couple passed by…)”Hehe, this is omani fashion we will not describe it “

Men Fashion:
Men care about few things such as face to be well groomed and beard to be neat. Clean, well ironed kandora , perfume, watch and good not worn-out naal(sleepers) .
 Credit for this cute Emirati Man by MissChatZ

Khalasna! Overall we had fun, a little tired, and time to leave the mall. Leaving the Laduree café someone from the visitors in a very friendly tone said, (probably trying to flirt): “Finished the project?!” We started laughing … it was in deed a good experience.
real people dubai mall fashion khaleejia life003

Fashion in Dubai is important, and everyone try to find individual style. Not running after new collection or what is more expensive. It is more important to look elegant, clean and well groomed. The community is enough close and such public places is a good chance to see each other , Though not for those who are coming too opened and having extreme look in everything may get bad reputation as people will see them and remember, so later it may bring to a bad result when nobody respect that person. Modesty, elegance and style are three components of the Fashion in Dubai.

P.S. now we are thinking to visit mall in Al Ain to see fashion there :)


  1. thanks for this post. i really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Nice report. Yes, please do a report on the style in Al Ain. I wonder if they will be more quiet and not as stylish as in Dubai :)

    1. Here you go :)


will appreciate your kind notes :)