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August 30, 2010

sheila – khaleeji head-scarves

As i was looking for brand new sheilas for myself i decided to publish some nice khaleejji sheilas  here. May be you will like some=)


sheila givanchy

Aslo scarves by Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuiton,

Moschino and all other Names are also very in !

sheila sheila2 sheila3 sheila4 sheila5 sheila6 




check out this video link to know how to WRAP khaleeji sheilas)) to have absolutely khaliji look=)


With Love By Khaleejia!


  1. mashaallah!! all of them are preety

    i cant even pick 1 of them as my favvy

    to bad we dont have these kind of shayla in malaysia :(


  2. They soooo pretty mashaalh...pls pls can u tell me we're they are from I want to buy?

  3. Some are pretty indeed!

    Personally I just don't like fake designer sheilas with famous names on it laid out in crystals like "Dior or Chanel, Escada" Everybody knows those sheilas are fake- you can make one at home if you really want to.

  4. beautifulll
    where can i buy these ones?
    your fan SAM XX

  5. Great...really interesting...if only they sold these in London *SIGH*
    Fareha, The Sweet Candy baker/blogger

  6. hey, thanks for sharing this :)

  7. Masha Allah they are so cute! Great choices :) The video link was a huge help! Allah Ateesh il3afia

  8. Mash'llah, lovely post, guess my fave is Givenchy's but I like so much Al Nouf illustration. Interesting blog, swear I'll be back, insh'llah.
    Ramadan Kareem, ciao!

  9. I've noticed there is a big trend with shayla's this season to wear a little headband (or a crystal headband for fashionistas) on top of it... have you seen it around? It was on the gulf news style section a few days ago! =)


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