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August 7, 2010

THaNK YOU NOTES and khaleeji website headers part2

Khaleejia said: tHANk YoU All for the encouraging and sweet words in all your comments! You guys, i'd say have changed my life. May be i will share the details in some future posts but for now i want really thank everyone who drop a word on this blog, exchanged your opinions and cheer  me up to continue what i started 2 years ago! Have to mention that it was empty niche but for the moment i found more and more english speaking sites telling all about the Arab Gulf Countries traditions and uae particularly. I am happy that 5aleeji / Emarati girls stood up and started showing to the world the true & beauty of the life in the Islamic advanced gulf countries. And i am happy to see that people from all over the world like it and even attach to themselves that is not bad at all! and happy Ramadan to every Muslim in advance!


  1. happy ramadhan to you to sister :)

  2. You are a darling of a this post. Ramadaan Kareem again to you too:)

  3. Your blog was the first blog I ever read! I love it so much <3 Keep up the good work! :)


  4. Ramadan Mubarak!!!!

    Masha Allah wa Tabarak Allah!!

    Your blog is amazing! Even though I do not comment often I do visit your blog regularly. When I miss being in the khaleej, which is often, your site is the first one i go to to get a "khaleeji fix". You do a wonderful job of bringing all the different aspects of khaleeji culture for all to see and enjoy. Insha Allah, you will be able to continue for another 2 years or even more!

    Rhamallah wal dayish

  5. IamSilla, thank u gul for your all sweet comments and the Ramadan wishes!for u-the same!
    BluePearl,so sweet from u too,u are one of the most pleasant person i know!and Ramadan Moubaarak to u again aswell!
    Radeyah,so honor to know that!nice to meet u and thank you personal too!p.s.good luck with ur own one!
    Umm Zachariah,thank you anyway for your rear but cool comments!!! its just great to know that my blog can satisfy somebody's else needs:) and i ll do all my best to let you all get OR even become a bit of khaleeji;)))))))


will appreciate your kind notes :)