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October 27, 2010

Education-Family-Work of Ambitious Emarati Women

Khaleejia said: Last years gave Emarati women great chance to show the world how arab muslim woman can manage with  the global problems while keeping her family responsibilities. Here i would like to quote Muna AlGurg

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has been at the forefront of empowerment by encouraging the youth, and particularly women, to take advantage of the many options available to them in education. In terms of university education, the figure for female university enrolment is far greater than that of their male counterparts. Arab women today fully realise the importance of their roles in society and the economy. With education increasingly available for women in all Arab countries, they have gained independence and status and entered the professional and business spheres. I see this as a striking example of how inspired leadership can affect the shape and progress of a population’s workforce.

Regarding the customs in Muslim Arab countries woman's education was often unpractical as soon as she gets married she leaves her parents' house and her student life, becoming a wife and mother for her upcoming children. Men are who work and use  their education to cover all of their family needs, So after marriage life again and again turns back to its established traditions. Emarati women found the golden middle between getting powerful positions in community and still being wives and mothers keeping all traditions, customs and Islamic values alive. I am so proud of  Hana and every muslim woman who have took the path of success and ambition to fulfill her dream or get whatever life has to offer. Wish everyone great success!

The  link is Added by Alice to a very inspirational and great article on the increasing interest  in education and business among Emarati women  for the last decade supported by local government and society despite  the prevailing lifestyle foundations


  1. I found a very nice article in TheNational about successful Emirati women who combine family and work. A must read, it's very inspirational. Mashallah. I hope more Muslim women in the Middle East and around the world will study and work, but at the same time will have good families.

    Keep up blogging Kkhaleejia ;)

  2. thank you Alice! its a very good addition tho the post! Love your comment as always)) and thank you for the wish))I'll do all my best.تحت عينيك يا جميلة

  3. Salaam sister! It is good to see that Muslim women are able to have so many opportunities to show their talents and be appreciated by all as intelligent women who can work and look after a family. Masha allah.

  4. its wonderful to see this!! Its nice to see the UAE pushing forward Emirati women! And, mabrook to you for continuing on with your studies as well.

    As a side note......I live here in the U.S., work as a Dental Hygienist, and wear my hijab and abaya to work. (no, i do not work for a muslim as well). It can be done with the proper explanation so people understand; they are usually accepting of it. In the 13 years of practicing with my abaya (23 years total) I can only recall of 2 patients that did not want to see me because i was muslim. I respected their decision and did not bother me at all. so, for those sisters who want to wear abaya yet are intimidated......with the proper explanation , it can be done.

  5. thank you oum zakharia for your side note! amazing, inspirational words for those who still think twice before putting on abaya outside the muslim for such comments who share own experience! it's really meaningful.and commenting what you have said, i believe that one person can change the world. so good for you that you made this your way. i think a lot of people do respect you now girl! see u!


will appreciate your kind notes :)