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October 23, 2010

NiQab FroM ShaYLA my video tutorial

Khaleejia said:
hala walla to aaaaalllll my lovely, the most talented, bUAEtiful and happiest readers=friends!
SO it's my great pleasure to introduce you the way how a shayla can be wrapped as a niqab)) to cover the face (except the eyes)  ya-ni in the nicest way)) i did this video as one of you kindly asked it on facebook))
 by the way, just to let you know, i work on almost all of your requests (some of you can testify this is so) but unfortunately not as fast as you would like it.  but the problem is that i have ONLY 2 hands and 1 head to run all my life things)) and  i didn't mention that this year i entered University to become a professional in IT)) and i got Math and Physics head storm daily)) hehe)) Anyway i am still with you inshallah !


  1. woow I really love the background of your blog, that girl is breathtaking, masha'allah!! :)

  2. thanks for appreciating dear Fatima, it was my target to let you enjoy arabian world through its beauty))

  3. Beautiful , thanks for sharing i will try this way inshallah :)

  4. hi! you have a nice blog & background. its nice to hear about your IT profession, I can relate with you with that course, when i was in IT department in university, math subjects really difficult and gave me headache.. have a nice day..

  5. uae fan - with my pleasure!but dont forget to share with us your feelings and success after your try))

    Ms.M - it's also nice to hear from u! great thanx. now i can feel a bit relax abt math, having such "background", u got me? yeah!

  6. woww amazing as usual
    hope to see more tutrials from u


  7. Salaam alaikum dear darling - loved the tutorial - I am not a niqab adorner but still it was great to learn as you never know when it can come in handy....equally loved the brooch on plain shaylas - I tend to do this often and sometimes even use swaroski hair clips to add some colour to the shayla...Thanks so much for all the wonderful content on your blog...hope your studies are going well...hugs and love

  8. Hala Sam, thank u for the note and i know which tutorial u are waiting))
    Blue Pearl, w aleikum assalam ya 7elwa!your comment touched me! thank you dear i wish you in your life all the best!thanx for sharing ur experience with us, about the brooch))


will appreciate your kind notes :)