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March 9, 2012

5 Gorgeous khaleeji eye-liners types

I am so delighted to share with you this so exclusive made just for you Khaleejia’s life readers and followers 5 gorgeous types of khaleeji makeup eyeliners-just as good as for everyday as for party event or photography session. You choose and enjoy!
The makeup done by one very talented, based in Dubai makeup artist who used to work for VIP ladies and you gonna know about her more in my nearest post.
I gave each of type  some names or descriptions to let you better understand their beauty.
Here we go..
1.Classic eye of gazelle.
eye-liners001 2. Classic with open inner arrowseye-liners002
3. extravagant Falcon eye
eye-liners003 4. khaleeji lines & shadeseye-liners0045. Alwani  or colorful eyelinerseye-liners005
Plz comment and share your opinion. One more good news..more types will be made soon so to be continued.


  1. dramatic !!!
    i love the last look..
    check out my blog giveaway ..

  2. Beautiful .. the last one !! keep up ur amazing posts, always great reads
    soso x

  3. pretty! sometimes I find that when I put liner all the way around my eye, even to the corner, it makes my eyes look much smaller and less pretty. I think it is just my shape of eye, it is very large looking even without the eyeliner.

  4. GORGEOUS! My favorite one is the falcon eyes, and the lines and shades one. I'd love to try them. Can't wait to see the others!

  5. love the number 4, mysterious and beautiful!!!

  6. i love the fist picture and second picture also i love you blog coz i found may new beutifully thing.

  7. well done, i love those styles. beautiful photos. i`d like to contact you in private if possible, my email thanks in advance and have a nice evening.

  8. This is amazing!!!
    I love this post!!!
    I will try these styles on myself to see which one fits best.
    Thank you for sharing :D
    Cheers from Brazil!!!

  9. Great blog! =) Very interesting. I like eyeliner #1...

  10. Very nice especially n*2 but those are not to go out with, or like some mindfull sisters who wear heavy make-up such as these outside, but mashaallah cover everything including their eyes. Unfortunately too many are not weary of the commands of Allah and walk around in heavy make-up and reaviling abayas, could you sister mention this in your posts and remind all sisters out there not to commit Tabarruj .thank you


will appreciate your kind notes :)