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March 2, 2012

Pure Khaleeji Make-up CATALOGUE

Khaleejia said: Pure Khaleeji makeup it is when: there are lots of varieties of bold black eye-liner shapes mixed with crazy colors and arrows giving effect of  unique and dramatically big eyes which is the main icon of a beauty here.


  1. The colours are very bright but the ones with the pale pink (I think pictures 28 and 29) are really beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. wow this is amazing! beautiful looks! but i have to admit sometimes it was hard concentrating on the make up because the faces looked so funny :D (like Bratz dolls)

  3. I find the lips floating in the faces kind of scary... lol

    but some of them are very pretty :-)

  4. Bratz dolls LoL

    The colors are very bold & beautiful. Hmmmm....

  5. to be honest with you, i think this type of make up is too much, there is nothing like some natural beauty, i dont want to insult anyone but this is kind of a "clown look" and the eyebrows look so fake, i hope this is not the norm over there, or at least, doesnt become the norm...


  6. I´m in love with your blog :D
    This post is beautiful!!!

  7. Salam i agree with latin muslimah it's a lot to much, less is more and i dont know why this became the fashion over here, khaleeji women in the past never wore this kind of outragous makeup, used to be very natural and beautiful. Now the eyebrows plucking, cuttim is haram sister Aallah cursed it, why are you promoting it sister? You must educate the sisters about islam or if you want to emtertain it has to be in a halal way.

  8. Aslms ladies this makeup is beautifullll! I LOVE IT! so exotic and fantasy like.


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