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April 18, 2013

Film "Royal love / Hob Malaki" at Gulf Film Festival 2013, Dubai

Khaleejia said:  Gulf film Festival 2013 has just finished. The film "Royal Love/Hob Maliki" have been shown on Tuesday  April,16 at GFF 2013 cinema in Festival City, Dubai.
I decided to come and see this film. I invited my friends join me, but we had some earthquake that day, and many of them had changed their plans. So i went alone(first time in my life) .
I was lucky to get almost the last ticket, and thanks to all valunteers who helped me to come through. The hall was full and later i knew that all group of the film makers were there too.

 The film was about a guy Zaal-(ar., "sad") who dreamily loved one lady Jouri (ar. "a kind of Flower") from the same University, and was shy to tell her about his feelings. His kind friends tried to help him by different, sometimes very funny ways, which made us, the audience, laugh a lot.  From each light approaching he got very happy and seemed it was enough for him to keep optimism of life, but once she got engaged to a rich man, his heart was broken. He almost lost hope, unless he knew that Jouri got into an accident and was in coma. He started visiting her daily and every time talked to her, read her news and beautiful love poems, that he wrote but never had a chance to read them for her before the accident. (During the parts, when Zaal was reading poems,we, the audience, were applauding).
After 3 years, she woke up from coma and started looking for that guy who had been talking to her every day for all passed years. She found him and proposed him, but.. The rich man insist on marry and the poor guy was killed... So no happy end :(
It was a good film that made us laugh and cry. The cast of big stars in gulf ex. 
Habib Ghuloom Al Attar, Mansoor Al Faili amazing actors play and beautiful scenes of Dubai. Made us enjoy the film and love it.
After the film, open forum with entire film-makers team was held straight in the hall. We had a chance to tell them what we think about their work and ask any question.
I did several pictures with the actors and introduced them you- Khaleejia's life readers.
Just yesterday i knew, that Amal Salem (Sama Dubai presenter, was also attending the screening. Unfortunately i could not see her. But i know that she also liked and enjoyed the film.
Habib Ghuloom Al Attar , you may know him from the film "City of Life" when he was playing a father of Faisal (Sauod Al Kaabi).

(the pic taken by my friend Shamsa "albaroona"(Abu Dhabi) who also visited the GFF )

My lucky ticket: 
Open Forum after the film:
Me with Habib al Attar and that guy -"Zaal"  

Amal Salem

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  1. Assalam Alaykum Khaleejia!!

    Mash´Allah! Your blog is wonderful!
    I appreciate the cultural life of Dubai so much. And I visited the UAE this year, which was a dream that came true.
    I am your new follower as of now.
    Visit my blog, too. And if you wanna follow me, it will be fantastic.
    Allah Maaki.

    P.S.: I am from Rio. Greetings from Brazil!


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