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May 3, 2013


Khaleejia said: April was full of the festivals, exhibitions, concerts, fairs, etc all over the UAE and we hardly managed to attend 10% of them. Choosing the most significant events to feature them later on Khaleejia's life pages.
Here is one of those places we have successfully visited.
Sharjah had its annual Heritage Village Festival that collected all GCC countries in one place. Every country presented their customs & traditions through different cultural items and performances such as national outfits, dances, food etc.
Despite that all mainly were strolling around the area, me and my friends gathered in this pavilion where was settled a nice traditional majlis perfectly suited to sit by big groups of people and discuss social and other problems without bothering others. Around the sitting area there were nicely decorated rooms with demonstration of multiple fields of traditional life in the region. I was happy to see families were vising this pavilion and reading all this beautifully made posters for their kids that may sounded for the little ones as another life they may not have anymore. Somehow i got a chance to back to this place before we left the village and took pictures of the every room and corner which were already empty but still  meaningful. Every If you are  interested  to read what is written on the picture, please click it.

Arabian horses:
Pearl diving: 

 This works personally impressed us. Appreciating  Sharjah Government efforts to restore and preserve heritage buildings.
 After: Before:



Ground water 


More about pearl diving in GCC and UAE these pictures i took from another Heritage village so called "Sea Village" in Jumeirah  that was open for one week and all kinds of traditional sea "fun" we could experience there.
 Real shell with plenty of pearls inside:

 Amazing moment: passing the secrets the shell reading to the young generation
Mother shows her children the traditional to local cuisine spices:

Products that includes different spices and oils which is popular in use here for nutrition or as beauty products. 

Traditional sail boat.
 Sea Village look in the evening : 

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