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May 5, 2013

Handsome Emiratis

Khaleejia said: Last month we see more and more articles in the news starting from Handsome Emirati..or even Too Handsome Emirati... I got messages from different countries asking me if they are really so handsome or not? Well some of them are truly are and some are not so..though it is not to be commented.. unless you come and see by yourself :)

Sheikh Hamdan, Fazzaa, one of the most adorable Emirati man by people from all over the world though not only for the face features but for his activities.

ٍSheikh Majed

The National has published an interesting article about handsome animated Emirati character. The cartoon is a part of a continuing campaign by Seha, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company. The headline of the article is  "The handsome Emirati capturing the hearts of UAE viewers" and tells about the idea behind it.  It was good to know that basic idea for choosing the proper type of the character  was to use handsomeness as attraction to the healthy life style which remembers us the famous quote " Beauty will save the world".
Click to read the article: link
And watch all parts of the cartoon here: link


  1. Assalam Alaykum!

    very interesting indeed.
    Greetings from Rio,

  2. great debate on beauty but i guess "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but i do fancy sheikh majed ;)


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