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July 29, 2014

Eid Collection 2014 and New Boutique by Emirati designer Halima Seemba

Khaleejia said:

Known to khaleejia’s Life readers Aghnaj designer Halima Seemba invited me for the soft opening of her new boutique “Halima Seemba” during the Ramadan. In a beautiful set up with arbaic coffee, and mini bottles of our traditional in Ramadan syrup Vimto  (ordered through Instagram) she told me about her new shop, collection & vision. 

She sais: “Many people know me from my first brand Aghnaj (arab. “Extremely beautiful” ) which I still keep for traditional collection and souvenirs. 

I decided to use my name itself as a new brand so that it would be more internationally recognized.

I am happy that my boutique “Halima Seemba Fashion” is opened now and welcome all ladies to visit it. My collection targets young ladies, mid-age and also I have pieces for mature women over 35 and between.

Regarding the style, more ladies now want to be more modern. Though many of us still like traditional clothes. In my collection I have both. As the Eid now came on summer, I used bright colors in my collection which suits the summer the most.

During every Ramadan we have gatherings when ladies used to dress same as for the evening or an event but more in the traditional style. My jalabias are all about mix of modern trends with classic traditional shapes & patterns.

The materials I use are natural with high end details end embroidery. Though some designs are simple as I know many conservative ladies prefer that way. But it still will reflect the nowadays fashion.

In Abayas I mainly focus on elegant draping. Either for the evening abaya or casual daily style. I love seeing women dressed elegant yet traditional or modest.

My concern that people really look for a special stuff, unique. My fashion is a high fashion and every piece is exclusive. I want to offer my customers that exclusivity and what they need.”


We wish to Halima all the best and new achievements. For contacts:

Your comments are welcomed.

With Love by Khaleejia

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