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July 28, 2014

Khaled Al Raesi & Sama Dubai Tv show Al Senyar “Glorifying Beauty of the Heritage”

Khaleejia said: There is a local joke saying that everybody in the UAE became photographers as there are so many beautiful places and traditions to capture. But everyone isn't the same.

We would like to introduce you to a rising star of photography, Khaled Al Raesi.

When we contacted him to have permission to publish his works, we came to know that his experience in photography is less than 2 years. So we could not leave him unless we get to know just how he managed to reach so significant achievements in the photography fin such a short amount of time.

His story is inspirational and also reveals how to become a successful in life doing what you love.

First of all, Khaled is a young Emirati , from Oum Al Quwein, UAE. He likes football same as guys of his age. Photography though was on his “hate list”. 

He says: “I hated it simply because I saw everybody was holding a camera and I did not feel anything good about it”. After a while, as the proverb says, “never say never”. The first camera was purchased by Khaled himself and that’s how all started.

“I asked myself, why everyone likes taking pictures, let me try it finally too. I bought my first camera Sony for 600 dirham only. Picture after picture, daily i started capturing everything I saw.

I decided to change my camera to something more professional and got  a Nicon 3100 for 2150 dirham which i used for about 4 months. I became more concentrated on photographing nature (sea, desert, moon, birds and animals).

I discovered that I really enjoyed this and now it turned from my hobby to be my main interest. I changed my Nicon to Canon D600 because of the color scheme which is more natural in Canon. Even though I didn’t learn photography in any school or how to use a camera, i came to know [how to properly use a camera] through practice and support of friends and family. 

Yes, I am new in this field but I am so grateful that my talent reached recognition and has opened for me new doors . 

I became a part of Dubai Media Inc. as a photographer for their social media pages of the program Al Senyar one of the most popular edutainment programs that tells about culture and traditions of the UAE.

It is on air during Ramadan and reached great success & popularity even outside the country. As an artist I think that the beautiful way we presented our heritage in this program became the main factor of its success.

Working with such talented and professional people inspired me a lot.

Pic. Khaled on the right holding a camera

Getting positive feedback from our TV stars ( beautiful Laila Al Muqbali and Ahmad Abdullah) when they like the way I take their pictures or people who leave their supportive comments under the photos we publish made me proud and encourage further achievement.

I would like to personally thank TV channel Sama Dubai, Director Mr. Khalifa Hamad Abu Shahab and Producer Mr. Hussain Al Manaei. Also my dear mother Um Khaled, HH Sheikha Aisha Bint Abdullah Al Nuaimi, my friend Khaled Al Dhaheri and sister Um Saif for being always next to me in their support and advice that played the main role in developing my talent in photography.

And heresis my advice to those who are just starting  the career, "don’t listen to people. Try your best. Practice every day to reach your professional level in everything you do.”


Thank you,

Khaled Al Raesi 

Follow on Instagram: @k_alraesi11

We hope you liked his inspirational story and welcome to share your comments. 
With love by Khaleejia


  1. very beautiful pictures!

  2. Mashallah I love this article. It is very inspirational and the photography of Khaled is very beautiful. Shukran for this article and may Allah bless all of you and Khaled with great success in this life and the next. Ameen :)

  3. Assalam Alaykum! Mabrouk! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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