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September 19, 2014

Al Ain: Fashion Inspection

Khaleejia said:To Al Ain. 

After our last publication from Dubai mall (link )where we observed local fashion worn by real people (UAE & GCC nationals only), we were asked to go to Al Ain for the fashion inspection. So here three of us... in the car to Al Ain.
As always, had to stop at the petrol station to get some snacks to enjoy the way more... and here it is Momento just as you expect to be served by the cafeteria in fact was long half an hour wait for a single club sandwich!! 
Here we go, driving 140 km/h for one hour of fun, snacks, laughs, songs, and beautiful desert scenes. 
Finally we reached Al Ain, the city of roundabouts..Who can guess how many roundabouts we had to pass to reach Al Ain mall?
Stuck in some traffic.. 
Finally our destination is in the front.
And.. suddenly we got into the winter :) Al Ain mall has a great ice-rink straight at the entrance.. sometimes they do whole shows there and when you enter you got into the festive mood.
The first selling items were Quran and religious stuff. Religion is the priority.
Al Ain is a beautiul oasis in the UAE desert. Jebel Hafeet inhabited by 90% of all species existed in this region.  
Fashion in Al Ain city exist at its full. You can know this from the shops and what they offer. 
Mauzan, is one of our favorite abaya brand shop..
Turbans.. still can find it here in case fashionistas have not got one yet.
However all abayas are up-to-date... the price starts from Dh1000.
Some beauty staff and catering.. we still luv* cupcakes. 
Oh girls, they think if they drink one bottle of this bio yogurt they become more beautiful...why not, try;) 
One of us told me, "Yalla, take a pic of the ladies shopping at MAC store while wearing niqab, see they do care about their beauty a lot." So I did.
Leggings..:) Tip: Go for anything but not flower design.
The next is party dress and evening gowns..
And the last but not the least, little tired and again hungry. Choose for Dip & Dip cafe. Set among other abayas :) Got menu to select and discuss what we have learned from this trip.
Arabic coffee, Cappuccino and Ice-Cream with yummy chocolate fondue waffles and fruits.
Sure, how you can eat without taking a photo of it?!  :)
7ayakum 3al-gahwa)Welcome to join us for a coffee.
*Ladies behind are young and joyful. Though their abayas are all black and most of them wearing niqab. 
Well, as traditional smoking the guests when they are about to leave, we passing by the perfume kiosk where is spreading beautiful and rich in scents bakhoor smokes.  
Large drawing of our sheikhs, Father of the UAE Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (Allah bless his soul) and the Ruler of Abu Dhabi His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the current President of the United Arab Emirates.
Conclusion: Al Ain is a beautiful city where you may never find a skyscraper even in the future, as its beauty in the nature itself. People are quite, hence cheerful and kind. They will never bother you so you don't.  Fashion is here, though it won't be shown in the public places like malls. Though we are sure that all private events, will reveal the hidden beauty. In the caffe, ladies who were sitting around us were not  laughing or speaking loudly though you could feel they had fun. Men were not stalking girls and trying to flirt, like you can see in Dubai mall. We love it there but felt as strangers from these little differences as we used to in Dubai.

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  1. Weird, I live in Al Ain and it happens so often to be stalked by guys in malls.Even when I walk with kids.


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