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September 2, 2014

Together with Dubai Police we encourage residents to have safe and happy life

Khaleejia said: This 2014 year Dubai Police organizes another successful social awareness campaign in order to attract attention of adults and children to the life danger from using illegal fireworks during fests.
2013 year campaign: link.

Along the whole month of Ramadan the campaign was held in different public locations of Dubai such as Ramadan tents and Shopping Centers. This time firework of activities, prizes and performances entertained as  adults, kids and as well as elder generation, who host the Campaign in their Ramadan tent in Al Mamzar.

All was organized by Dubai Police under Lieutenant Colonel Ayoob Abdallah Kankazar who head the campaign with participation of  celebrities, actors Abdullah Al Jaffali , various local organizations @uaelights and volunteers.

HH Sheikh Abdulahziz Al Nuaimi @greensheikh himself visited the campaign and  invited public to support Dubai Police for safety future of the country.

We were happy to see smiles on everyone face who attended the events and invite all residents of the UAE to support and become safety ambassador of the country. Together we can make world better.

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  1. great post.I have always enjoyed your blog posts,very interesting updates on the local of United Arab Emitates.


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