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September 21, 2012

"Al Yahmoom" Screenshots

Khaleejia said:  "Al Yahmoom" is an Emirati drama TV series aired on Sama Dubai during Ramadan 2012. I took some screenshots of a pretty khaleeji actress of Syrian origin - Marwa Rateb.  I also took other screenshots that illustrate the differences in lifestyle of very rich families in Dubai and simple people in the village.

First, screenshots of Marwa and other wealthy ladies. Check out their style, abayas, make up, hair...


For comparison - dress and lifestyle of village women:

Differences in eating habbits: first rich urban and later simple families.

... and villagers:

 Differences in living conditions and home decoration:

... and simple people's houses:

Although, I hear it here and there that gamboo3a is not in style any more, many women still wear it. Few examples from the film: 


I hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. Salam dear sis,

    thanks for posting these screenshots and letting us know about the serial. I think its going to be an interesting comparison between different life styles. Myself, I have always been curious about the day to day life in beautifully designed villas in UAE. So hopefully I can get to see it.


  2. I luuuurrrvveee your blog! My parents are Irani and Omani and I live in London. The amount I have learnt from your posts is off the scale. Keep up the good work! Much Love!
    PS: If you ever come to London I would LOVE TO MEET YOU!


will appreciate your kind notes :)