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September 21, 2012

Dubai Abaya Trends

Khaleejia said: I'd like to highlight some abaya trends that are very popular now (mainly for abaya wearing women outside of the Gulf) Theses trends are not exactly new, but it's now that they are worn commonly. Abayas like these can be found in almost every abaya shop be it a designer boutique in Dubai Mall or a small tailor shop in Ajman. If you go to any big shopping center  you are bound to see several women wearing such abayas.

- abayas with belts:

 abayas by Kanzi

 abays by Ghizlan

abaya by DAS

 abaya by Lady in Black

abaya by Omsiyat

abaya by Arabesque

-abayas with a lot of lace (dantel):

 abayas by Aghnaj

 abaya by Arabesque

 abayas by Roselle Couture

abaya by DAS

- abayas with very wide straight or rounded sleeves:

 abayas by Black Pearl Couture

 abayas by Geelato

abayas by Arabesque

- dimond shape abaya'fish tale abaya', batwing sleeve:

 abaya by Arabesque

abaya by Raqeya Bethouqe Boutique

abaya by Geelato

abayas by Sweety

abaya by Hesseh

- abayas with asymmetrical drapes, sleeves or decoration:

abaya by Hesseh

abayas by Omsiyat

- abayas with huge pieces of pretty bright fabric. Such abayas are for the daring, brave women, who don't mind to stand out as majority of women stick to more traditional at least in color abayas.

 abayas by Queen of Spades

 abayas by Geelato

-  plain black  abayas are also very popular and  worn commonly.  Plain abayas can look very elegant if worn with nice accessories, good posture and confidence.

(omg, I love abayas, could post pics endlessly..)


  1. Belt/Rope around the waist abayas are all I see nowadays!

  2. I've definitely noticed the belted abaya trend. I think it looks nIce, but I worry about it being proper hijab so it's something I will skip :-/

    1. I share your concerns in this regard Amal... same goes for abayas with see-through lace down the knees.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. all those abayas are just gorgeous <3

  4. Please more trends:))))


will appreciate your kind notes :)