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September 17, 2012

Part Sale at "Kashkha"

Khaleejia said:  Part sale at Kashkha branches across UAE till October 10th.

This is a brand I wanted to write about long time ago. Kashkha shops have "diverse range of jalabiyas, sheilas, kaftaans, nightwear, kurtis, ponchos, scarves, and fun fashion accessories." I  usually get my house dresses there. I also like their color chiffon shaylas.  Kashkha is one of few places that has crystallized color shaylas.

Below are shaylas I bought last year for my friends in Europe.

I took some pics in a Kashkha store. Enjoy!

 To see more pics and to get updates: Kashkha on FB


  1. Thanks for letting us know, will definitely check it out!

  2. Beautifull stuff :) you are lucky to have a chance buy from there.


will appreciate your kind notes :)