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October 1, 2009

Hanan Dashti 2009 eid make up&hairdo's

Khaleejia said: I am sure that this Kuwaiti make-up artist is very talented and lots of girls follow her style. Plus she is very creative and its always a big pleasure to watch her work. here you can see how she combine accessories to complete the look and unique use of accessories for hairdo make the look more extravagant and festy


  1. Hiya, sorry to add this but their hair do and make-up make them look very 'red'light district' type and very drag queen....their eyebrows are horrid and extremely hideous, why do they do such make up, they are beautiful but had to ruin that which Allah gave them! eugh!

  2. Please, dear God, no no no no!


will appreciate your kind notes :)