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October 3, 2009

Wedding Dresses- Gulf Style 2

Khaleejia said: As some readers are interested in stunning khaleeji wedding dresses I decided to dedicate a post to this subject and not only show the beautiful pics but also provide contact information of the wedding dresses designers/sellers. I hope it'll be useful to some of you :)

1) Arushi Fashion House
PO Box 88, Jumeirah Beach Road,
Villa No. 8, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Phone +971 4 3442277
On their Website you can see different collections of beautiful wedding and henna dresses. There's also a rental section where you can browse wedding dresses for rent. Renting prices start at 10.000 AED

2) EZRA Fashion Design - beautiful wedding and evening dresses Price of wedding dresses starts at 30.000 AED.

Villa No. 746, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 3
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel. No.: +971 4 395 5385

3) Amato Haute Couture Wedding dresses are sold at the price of 40.000 AED and above. Renting prices start at 15.000 AED. Evening dresses prices start at 10.000 AED.
Al Hana Centre, Shop No. 227, Dubai UAE
Tel. No.: +971 4 398 8586

I hope you enjoyed looking at the beautiful pics! More pics and info to come in my other future post inshaAllah. If you want a customer made wedding gown from one of the above fashion houses remember that you should contact them at least 3 months beforehand...


  1. Subhanallah I was looking for wedding dresses sites or addresses yesterday and couldn't find any and now u hav posted them ^_^
    I have a huge request for u.
    I'm getting engage soon (inshallah) but I don't know anything about it.. for example like malcha, what do we do on that day? when does the guy give the mahr and so on...
    Can u pls post in detail how engagement to the wedding day Uae do it?
    thanks dear!

  2. beautiful, do u kno any sites with wedding dresses a little more concealed.. i.e: full sleeves and neck.. xxx SAM X

  3. im not from arabic world not even a muslim woman but beside all off that i adore this dresses the culture evrything


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