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October 12, 2009

Noura Ashley Khaleeji Abayas

Khaleejia said: i have to be short at the moment so... Noura Ashley abayas from UAE for more insperation to wear abaya and look shic instead of other outdoor clothes;) plz be patient while all pics(about 50) will be shown ;)
personaly not of my favs but deserve to be shared.


  1. Gorgeous abayas! I would wear *some* styles :)

  2. Mashallah great the way madam khaleejia could you please provide us with more details, I live in London and would love to order some of these abaya's

  3. MashaAllah... they are gorgeous! I'd love to have them. Thanks for the link to Noura Ashley

  4. very pretty abaya's. what the price of it ?

  5. great work!!!!!! love some of them....

  6. mashallah, simple but elegant 3abayas!

    You are more than welcome to visit either of my blogs:

    The Tea House:

    The Caravan of Muslims:

  7. Those are gorgeous looking abayas and wedding clothes.....Whenever i visit ur blog and hear the arabic music, it takes me back to my memories in uae and Jamia al ajman and the dakhalee there....Miss all a bunch..
    U have an attractive blog here
    hugs from UK,

  8. some are very nice,but some head covering/hijab ressemble the "camel hump" that pious muslim women should avoid

  9. Very gentle and very elegant!


will appreciate your kind notes :)