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November 11, 2010

Amal Salem-sama dubai presenter

Khaleejia said: i made these both videos- cuts from "al-mrsa" and layali romadan programs aired on sama dubai 2010 . i hope you will enjoy more. She is talented, modest and very pretty. Also i like her taste and how she presents herself on tv with self-esteem.  Now you can watch her on Sama Dubai while some time ago she was as presenter on nojoom4 or noor dubai channel (actually i don’t remember well) ,and there she was receiving some greeting massages and calls from people and introducing songs and poems. As it was not the first country channel she was not so serious there and looked more pretty smiling all the time.  this .gif picture i made from that program.
my amal18

Now her popularity is growing and i believe she will be one of the most successful among women TV presenters on emarati channels.
on this video you can see her in “Layali Ramadan” program where she is dressed in the best for Eid abayat.
amal1 amal2 amal3 amal4 amal6 amal7 amal8        amal16  amal19


    absolutely beautiful.. Is she originally emirati?
    SAM XX

  2. I love her hijab style and the way she styles her fringe!

  3. So do I get recognition for bringing her up in that post a few days ago?

    Seriously, at one point we had 10 or so guys in the majlis JUST to watch her show.

    the show it's self was never consistent, some episodes are very very interesting and insightful, and some where not at all.

    But out of the 10 guys I think only 2 were there for the subject matter. lol.

  4. Hala wala
    I just want to know do all emarati girls
    Wear a cap over they shibasa?

  5. Is she half emarati?

  6. how old is she? she looks really young swell

    SAM X

  7. ultra blue! yeah u do! and thanks btw.
    as her career has just started we could say 2009-2010 there is not much info abt her but i believe soon she ll be interviewed and gossips will spread all the details abt her personality.
    sam, what u mean young? 16 ya'ni?!

  8. im guessing shes around 21?
    is she???

  9. shes beautiful! and I love her hijab style. BTW can you please tell me the name of the songs in the two videos! I really really like them! thank youu <3

  10. morrocan girl,thanx for passing by!i put for the all videos songs of the emirati singer- Al-wasmi (الوسمي) you can go to the youtube page of this videos and see the names of the songs have written in description .


will appreciate your kind notes :)