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November 22, 2010

Lacy 'n Creative by Khaleejias

  Khaleejia said: Zikr Allah & Solli ‘ala Nabii!
I love being creative time to time. And i feel very good when this creativity can be useful and inspire others. ‘Cause It really annoys me when people blindly follow the imposed mass fashion taste. Who doesn’t spend time on selecting beautiful fabrics and patterns while choosing clothes. And the most of time people just do not have enough good offer to perform their best choice. That’s  why being able to make  your own design is a great additional way to represent your beautiful and unique taste.
The question is what to use to start. Some learn knitting(personally not addicted), others learn tailoring, and  i suggest you here one of the easiest and beautiful way of clothing decoration – lacy ribbons, laces, beads, brooches and other staff that you can easily find in your home or any  specialized store)))
style abaya 008style abaya 009
lace-classic lace-ribbons-abaya vintage with lace ribbons and sequins
Here is my work, i was really happy to get lots of positive comments when i tried to dress it out the first time a couple days ago.
P1015774-P1015771-  P1015828-- P1015843--
next you can see how laces can give finished and ELEGANT  look to any dress/ abaya / sheilah/ sleeves/ and even home-dresses
lace2 lace3 lace4 lace5   style abaya 013  style abaya 063  lace1-
HOW TO…00laces

 dina_manzo_flower_brooch_nude_and_black rose-lace the next big handmade lacy flower can be used for a huge flower clip that is used under sheilahs(Gulf/khaleeji look). But you will have to make 2 same size parts of the lacy flower  and than attach to them  a hairclip  itself. Sew it to the parts or put it on any strong (for textile) glue:

khaleeji flower clip And more  fun for you and your family))
also this nice emirati group on facebook

All praise is due to Allah, and Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon His Final Messenger,his pure family, his noble Companions, and all those who follow them with righteousness until the Day of Judgment.


  1. Some lace can be pretty. Too much and it starts to look like underwear.

  2. oh this is really cute i love it! you did an awesome job, i made some sheilah's the other week, i have pictures on my blog if u wanna see :)

  3. Salaam 3alaich Sister and late Eidkum Mubarak,

    MashaaAllah i love love LOVE your lace shayla and actually I was experimenting in the make-it-yourself/be creative before I left UAE and am thinking of picking it up again. Abu A. even bought me a sewing machine, mashaaAllah!!

    Aaaaand I loooove lace with the 5aleeji outfit -- definitely makes the outfit more elegant and chic.

    Keep up the good work =D

    Aalia <3

  4. firefox,i think this depends on person's taste and sense of the golden middle)))thank u for this important note))
    Sakeenah-thank you darling for sharing, it is always very interesting to see what other do) i loved your touch, keep up your creativity!
    aalia, thank u dear for these nice encouraging words,wow!! so mabrook 3lech with your new sewing machine,sure this thing will get any boring away of you. hope to see your own handmade stuff soon))and wherever you are-BE CREATIVE!
    c u
    with my best wishes to all!

  5. I really like the lace dress that looks like a kimono- the cream coloured one...where did u get that image from,, or more preicisly is their a website for that dress??


  6. hi anon,no.its not their website. it's from asian forum


will appreciate your kind notes :)